Stuart Rutherford's Medium Effort Page

I'm Stuart Rutherford, mostly a backend software developer who writes frontend gadgets for competitive Pokémon players because they're easier to show off.

Even though everything here is written in Javascript, I have experience in several languages including Python, Go and Kotlin.


Sableye Bot

Sableye Bot is a Discord bot designed to help people who play competitive Pokémon get information into chat quickly. It's handy as a reference and to bring up subjects of discussion so people don't have to go look them up individually.

I've been working on it since 2019, and in 2021 I rewrote the entire project to utilise Discord's Interactions (aka Application Commands). It's currently in almost 2700 Discord servers and continues to see frequent use even after nearly 8 years since it was first brought online in the r/stunfisk Discord server.

This was written in node.js and is currently hosted on a managed container, though it was run off a VPS prior to the rewrite in mid 2021.

Top Cut Explorer

The Top Cut Explorer is a Progressive Web App allows players to examine the Pokémon sets used at Pokémon Regional Championships in an unprecedented level of detail, owing to Tournament Organisers' publication of partially redacted team lists at the conclusion of each major tournament.

It was created in early 2023 as a reponse to the publication of "Open Teamlists" at Pokémon Regional Championships, and continues to be maintained with new features and tournament results added as they become available.

This was my first project written using Svelte/SvelteKit and its performance has been consistently good (as judged by Core Web Vitals) despite the ever increasing amounts of data getting thrown at it.

VGC Homemade Standings

My VGC Homemade Standings site displays information about Pokémon tournaments as they happen, giving players and spectators up-to-date information about how they and other players are doing in a tournament. Once teamlists are published for an event they are automatically republished on this website, allowing people to look at a player's run after the fact including their opponents' teams.

This is a fork of the VGC Standings available on Pokédata - initally created because that site was thought to be shutting down it has since taken on an identity of its own.

Other Projects

These are smaller projects that are generally not being updated as actively as the ones mentioned above.

The Pokémon Set Reverser takes a Pokémon's Species, Forme, Nature and Stats and calculates how it has been trained - valuable for people wanting to recreate teams they find on the in-game ladder.

The Pokémon Moveset Planner accepts a Pokémon Showdown Pokémon export and tells you how to obtain the Pokémon with the given moves. This app is outdated and hasn't been updated to reflect Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The Pokémon Tournament Resistance Calculator can be used to calculate your opponents' collective win ratio, which is used to determine your chances at making the single elimination stage of live Pokémon events.

I also sometimes write words on my blog! I should do that more.